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Manassas School Aid Convicted Of Producing Child Pornography

A federal jury in Alexandria recently convicted a Manassas middle school aide accused of producing child pornography. The jury found 24-year-old David Alexander Battle guilty of four counts, including production of child pornography, attempted coercion and enticement of a minor, receipt of child pornography and distribution of child pornography.

Battle’s sentencing hearing is schedule in early June. He faces a minimum sentence of 15-years in federal prison and could spend the rest of his life behind bars if given the maximum sentence for his crimes.

Case moved from state to federal investigation

Manassas police were the first to arrest and charge Battle with child pornography. In June 2015, authorities initiated a search of Battle’s home uncovering several videos of infants, boys, and girls. Battle was arrested and subsequently charged by the Manassas police department.

Two months later in August, federal prosecutors stepped in and took over the case. Federal authorities then levied additional charges against Battle alleging he produced child pornography in addition to possession.

School aide targeted victims he knew personally

As part of the indictment, federal prosecutors alleged Battle posed as a young female online as a guise to lure young men into sending sexually explicit images. Evidence presented at trial indicated Battle personally knew two of his victims he chatted with online.

Battle was an aide at Osbourn High School and Grace E. Metz Middle School. Battle’s access to young children appear to have given him the opportunity to engage with young men and learn about their social media habits.

Similar case pending in Maryland

Battle’s conviction draws eerie similarities with another high profile incident of a school volunteer abusing his position to take advantage of young children. In February, Deone Carraway was arrested after being accused of coercing over a dozen young children at a Glenarden, Maryland school into performing sexual acts on one another while he filmed it.

Carraway was a volunteer at the school and also a choir director. The accused utilized a messaging app called Kick to communicate and receive explicit photos from his victims. Carraway faces state and federal child pornography charges and could spend the rest of his life behind bars if convicted on all counts.

Virginia Sexual Crimes Attorneys

Sexual abuse of minors is an incredibly significant charge. Police and prosecutors take these charges very seriously as the wellbeing of minors and other victims of sexual assault is a pillar of public policy.

However, not all allegations of sexual assault or abuse turn out to be true and innocent people may be accused of serious crimes they did not commit. The Virginia sex crimes attorneys of Whitbeck Cisneros McElroy, PC have experience handling many different cases of sexual crimes including rape, incest, and pornography.

If you were accused of a sex crime, contact our office for a consultation about your case. Our attorneys take these allegations very seriously and will work hard to bring the truth to light and clear the names of the innocent.

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