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Leesburg Pre-Marital & Post-Marital Agreement Lawyer

Oftentimes long and expensive divorce litigation could have been avoided if the parties had engaged in family law planning prior to or soon after their marriage. Our Leesburg pre-marital and post-marital agreement lawyers have extensive experience in issues related to marital property and support. This gives our attorneys the ability to assist our clients in drafting agreements and to save the parties some of the stress and financial hardship of litigation in the event the marriage ends in divorce.

Our attorneys also know that sometimes a spouse may not necessarily want to get divorced, but may need some assistance in obtaining protection in the event a divorce situation is thrust upon them. Our Leesburg marital agreement lawyers will often recommend individuals enter into interim support agreements that protect a spouse during a trial separation or other periods of uncertainty when such individuals just are not ready to pursue a full and final divorce.

Our marital agreements attorneys also recognize that there are instances where unmarried couples will share not only their residences but also ownership of property. As such, our attorneys offer services to such couples for drafting agreements that will govern any eventual termination of an unmarried but committed relationship between two parties.

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