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Leesburg Malicious Prosecution & Defamation Lawyer

In Virginia, any person can file a criminal complaint with a magistrate to institute criminal charges against another. In cases where the criminal charges were instituted falsely, maliciously, without probable cause and are dismissed in favor of the victim of the malicious act, the person who suffered from the filing of a false criminal charge can sue the other person for malicious prosecution. This person may be entitled to compensatory, general and even punitive damages in many of these cases. Contact our Leesburg malicious prosecution & defamation lawyers today.

While these cases are generally between unrelated individuals or individuals and business, oftentimes these cases can even be between spouses or family members who abuse the criminal process or protective order (restraining order) process to gain an advantage in a divorce, custody or support matter. Our attorneys have experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in malicious prosecution matters, including cases involving unrelated individuals who are suing each other. Our attorneys also have experience in cases involving two spouses or family members who are suing each other for malicious prosecution where one spouse has abused the criminal or protective order process or a person is wrongfully being accused of abusing the process.

Our attorneys also represent individuals and businesses in defamation cases where individuals have been subject to false statements orally or in writing which injure their reputation and expose them to public ridicule and other intentional torts such as assault and battery and other personal injuries. We also represent individuals and businesses in defense of such cases. Contact our experienced Leesburg malicious prosecution, defamation and intentional torts lawyers today.

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